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He was walk­ing in a dry sandy riverbed, watch­ing the ledges on the sunny side for sun­bathing rat­tlesnakes while keep­ing an eye out for inter­est­ing rocks or fos­sils. As he rounded a bend in the canyon, he noticed that at some time, a del­uge of water had rounded the bend with such force that a

Redistricting last time

About ten years ago I was on a three-​​​​way call with the Broth­ers Davis: Mark Davis, a Gwinnett-​​​​based data house/​​mailer and his brother Shawn Davis. I’m not sure what Shawn was doing at the time, but even back then he was deeply involved with pol­icy mak­ers, shapers and the elected offi­cials they work with. At the

Got change?

It’s rare to see a truly explo­sive moment at a debate, at least one that is inten­tional. For the most part, can­di­dates reshape (or even ignore) ques­tions to fit the mes­sage they are there to deliver. The focus is on play­ing it safe and not mak­ing a mis­take. Here’s the inside skinny on that strat­egy…